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eNerds calls on Mitel to enhance its managed IT Service Offering

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Improving Service and ResponsivenesseNerds

As a provider of managed IT services to a large number of businesses, often supporting mission-critical IT systems and applications, telephone support is an essential part of their toolkit, responding as needed and in real-time to their customers’ needs. Telephone support is subject to peaks and troughs and although these were handled well with no noticeable degradation in service for the majority of calls, on occasion, some support issues were leading to extended call times and this meant that calls started to queue for longer than were considered acceptable. eNerds needed a way to address and react to these situations, and to hopefully predict when these issue were about to occur and be able to proactively change call flows and bring in extra call handlers.

Identifying a Solution

Mitel MiVoice was the existing central communications platform for the company and was handling large call volumes as a result of significant expansion in business levels. The one piece that was missing was an effective contact centre solution. Essential Data + Voice (EDV) were already the supplier and maintainer of the eNerds communications solution and so a meeting was arranged to discuss these issues and possible resolutions. EDV, as a specialist integrator of comms technology were able to suggest a unique solution to the issue that would be a truly collaborative piece of work.

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