Whether you need a communications solution that supports digital handsets that can re-use existing wiring, or one that provides your business with access to the latest in IP phones and productivity-enhancing applications, or even one that provides mobility solutions to support your employees on the go, the MiVoice Office 250 is the answer. Features include: • Unified voice messaging with email synchronisation • Voice conferencing – Meet Me and ad-hoc conferences • Automatic call distribution • Hot desking • Mobile phone twinning • STAR • Automated Attendant • IP networking

Flexible and scalable

Enjoy adaptable IP networking that provides the ability for up to 99 sites to be connected together with full feature transparency, meaning it can easily evolve and grow as your business does.

Employees on the go

Be more flexible and responsive to client needs, ensuring client-facing employees don’t miss important customer calls by twinning external mobile devices to employees’ desk phones.

Suite of embedded applications

Instantly start benefiting through a complete suite of out-of-the-box business productivity applications, ensuring your business will benefit from reduced costs and enhanced staff productivity.

Hybrid solution

Experience a digital / IP platform that combines the best of IP telephony and traditional digital-based phone system architectures.

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