Essential Data and Voice provides vital and proactive technical support to our customers through our EssentialCare plan. Our account management services offer our customers access to both the Service Team and the Engineering team. The Service team assists with “everyday requests’ and our customers can access our Service team for fault logging and tracking. Our engineering team provides 24/7 support services, Service Level Agreement management, automatic case creation details and management escalations. As part of our service offering, EDV has designed and built a custom-built customer portal which allows our clients to track job and fault progress, reduce waiting times and improve experience.

Remote and Onsite Engineering Support

EDV field technical personnel will be available for attendance on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to resolve on-site faults.

Software Updates

EDV will install the most appropriate updates for the customer’s system during a fault condition and review them through the System Integrity check process.

Supported Parts Replacement

EDV will use best endeavours to manage the replacement of parts through its warehouse stock.

Unsupported Parts

If the customer requires parts that are not supported under this Agreement, EDV will attempt to source the parts at a competitive quotation, including supply and installation.

System Integrity Check

EDV will carry out annual System Integrity checks on the customer’s equipment and provide a report and action plan as required.

Fault Response Service Level Agreements

EDV will use best endeavours to comply with specified remote Response Times when attending to your fault.

Remote Moves, Adds or Changes Allowance

Remote MAC’s are part of this offering, all you need to do is call the Essential Data and Voice service team and they will manage your requirement(s). The team can also help with those hard-to-answer questions.

On-Site Services

In some instances, EDV technical staff may need to attend the Site outside of a fault scenario to deliver a requested Add, Move or Change.

Root Case Analysis

Root Cause analysis can be performed and provided on request for Major incident cases only.


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