Time is a precious commodity for medical professionals, and having a reliable phone system in place is critical to ensuring time is used effectively and collaboration is made simple. Improve productivity by streamlining workflows and automating repetitive tasks to reduce delays, accelerate access to information and optimise the use of valuable human resources. Mitel's healthcare communications solutions keep on-site nurses, dispersed physicians and non-clinical staff connected with each other and with patients. Healthcare professionals can also spend more time on patient care when workflows are more efficient. Clinical staff can spend more time on patient care and less on coordination tasks. When communications solutions are securely integrated into your workflows, you can reduce the chance of bottlenecks in your processes to increase patient satisfaction and keep revenue flowing. And you can ensure patients get the right information at the right time.

Accelerate Processes

Add team collaboration capabilities that enable everyone in the care chain to securely and spontaneously join care planning meetings using voice, text or video on any device from any location. With APIs that let you securely integrate communications and collaboration capabilities into existing health information technology (HIT) systems, you can simplify workflows and reduce delays when coordinating patient admission, transfer, handoff and discharge.

Automate repetitive communications

Use contact centres to accelerate management of patient communications. With the right contact center, you can: Triage and prioritise patient calls; Use automated voice, email and chat messages to track patient recovery, provide prescription reminders and reduce the number of missed appointments; Add integrated voice response (IVR) technology to help patients navigate to the right department in your facility

Increased flexibility

Give staff more options to instantly connect with one another and with external agencies: Add click-to-call capabilities to clinical applications; Customise voice and text profiles to align with clinical workflows; Pre-define call routes to connect external agencies with case managers; Integrate customised voice and text messages into the clinical information system; Include text-to-speech capabilities in your mobile messaging platform

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