Essential is a Platinum Fixed Net partner of Telstra. This is the highest level of accreditation any business can have with Australia’s largest carrier. It authorises us to resell virtually the entire range of Telstra’s carrier offering including ISDN digital services, ADSL, Frame Relay, ATM, mobile GSM and 3G network solutions – to name but a few.

The telecommunications industry is experiencing enormous growth; network traffic is growing faster than any other period of time and digital technology is changing our world.
Telstra is at the heart of this change—and we’re helping make it happen by connecting everything to everyone.

Build stong relationships between field & office teams. Telstra's solutions offer new & innovative ways to communicate, navigate & create strong profitable relationships between your staff no matter where they are.

Telstra cloud services provides end-to-end solutions that scale up or down as needed. We can take care of your network mobility & consulting services so that you can focus on what matters, innovating, growing, & giving customers a great experience.

In today's fast-paced business environment, your people need to communicate with each other, partners and customers at a moment's notice. Whatever the size of your business, whatever your situation, our solutions can improve the way you work and collaborate.

Our customer contact solutions are designed to help you change when and how your customers interact with your company.
For both complex and simple deployments, we’ll help you with consulting, design, procurement and management. Our solutions will help you increase productivity, enhance customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

We ensure you have the best and most viable network for your business, government network or enterprise. No matter the size, we offer a range of high-performance, cost-effective and dedicated solutions. You’ll find a suite of best practice applications and services to help you design, deliver and manage a world-leading network and maximise its value.

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