Digital transformation for business productivity

Digital transformation is understood as the systemic transformation of a business’s organisational activities, models, and processes to most fully leverage the various changes (and opportunities) of developing and emerging technologies. This process is incredibly important, as it is the only way by which a company can keep up with the ever-accelerating impact of digital tech and trends across global markets—and indeed, the goal is not merely to keep abreast of changes, but to find distinct advantages aligned with your business goals, priorities, and strategies.

Companies across the board are consistently reporting increased reliance upon digital technologies—both internally and externally—which in turn produces significant improvements in both productivity and profit margins.

Further benefits can include:
• Cost reduction
• Increased revenues
• Increased market awareness of new products and services
• Growing consumer bases
• More engaged consumer bases

According to new research, in Australia digital transformation efforts will add an estimated $45 billion to our GDP by 2021, with an increased annual growth rate of at least 0.5%.
With all of these factors, it’s no small wonder that the vast majority of enterprises are shifting and re-tuning internal structures toward robust digital marketing departments and are dumping funds into digital transformation strategies and deployments. In fact, a recent IDC survey of 100 Australian organisations found that over 70% of Australian organisations hold digital transformation at the core of their entire modern business strategy.

Now, while 70% is a large chunk, only 4% of those have actually reported already turning gears on these deployments into functional rollouts—but those that have are already experiencing greater market share and greater profit margins in their quarterlies, due to their aggressive transformation initiatives. All companies polled indicated that their own efforts toward digital transformation are a key factor in maintaining market relevance and/or finding new ways to compete on both the global and local stages.

This is where cloud-based collaboration and UCaaS come into play, acting as a critical change-maker within a business. According to Gartner, the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) market has been growing more than 40 percent in revenue per year since 2011, and it is projected to continue to grow more than 25 percent per year through 2019. This adds to Gartner’s prediction that the cloud will increasingly be the default option for software deployment.

By leveraging the benefits of cloud-based solutions such as the delivery of seamless, cost-effective and secure communications across various channels, Essential Data and Voice can help drive company-wide transformation. In fact, in 2017 we were awarded Top Migration to the Cloud Partner by Mitel at their annual partner conference in Munich. We’re passionate about helping our customers migrate the business communications to the cloud.

If there is any takeaway, let it be this: the speed at which organisations produce digitally enhanced services and products is going to be absolutely key to success for growing Australian businesses—by expanding their reach, scope, and connection with markets. Having a clear-and-present digital transformation strategy for the next 12 months has never been more important; if your organisation has been looking for that critical edge lately, this may well be it.

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We are dedicated to supporting our customers on their business-transformation journey.

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