IT and UC – industries in profile

Since its first rollout, Unified Communications (UC) technology has made quite the impact on the world of business communications. The leap forward UC represents has revolutionised the industry, and the effects of its ripples are felt in almost all areas of the business world.

The momentum of mobility-enhanced technology – and the huge array of its applications – is just gaining more and more speed. It’s important to note that UC complements and adds value to existing IT services.

Looking back

Let’s take a step back into the past and try to recall the heady days when email first appeared. Email represented another major step forward, turning conventional operations pretty much upside down.

The professional IT sphere is much wider in scope than most people realise – almost anyone specialising in computers and the internet could be considered to be connected to the IT industry in some way or another. Naturally, IT professionals have enjoyed an ever-increasing position of necessity to nearly any high-functioning business.

UC technology has freed most enterprises from needing to have – or lease into – their own extremely expensive suites of hardware, physical lines, and more; however, it pays for any business to have IT professionals on hand to manage the back-end and advanced functionality of these services.

Let’s have a look at a few of these important factors:

• PBX integration
• Dynamic CRM
• Compliance and Security testing
• Training
• Rollout
• Upkeep and Testing

So we can see, even with this brief glimpse, that IT professionals still are in a robust demand to keep things running smoothly – not many managers or executives have either the time or the know-how to integrate these things into a smoothly running operation. In fact, an executive that simply doesn’t ‘get’ it can throw a wrench into implementation in a way that few things can, much like the way that so many companies have suffered and lost out by ignoring – or again, simply not understanding the value of – the benefits of a robust internet marketing plan.

What’s ahead

With our eyes tuned to this fresh way of seeing things, we can more easily set aside our previous misconceptions that there need be some core hostility between IT and UC. Indeed, this new picture paints a much more friendly synthesis. UC and IT really are very much two dynamic sides of the same coin.


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