Going mobile – is your company ready?

We have two things on the table: workforce intelligence and mobility. These keywords are becoming increasingly more important to the modern enterprise for very good reasons.

Now ask yourself:
Does your company embrace mobility? If so, in what ways?
Do you know the workforce intelligence rating for your enterprise?

These are pretty important questions, and here’s why: within the next decade the millennial generation is going to be coming to the majority – comprising over 60% of the workforce. It is well known – and often bemoaned – that millennials do things differently. Your opinions may vary, but one thing remains unchanged: these up-and-coming professionals are not bound to traditionalism for its own sake. In fact, more often than not, they have very little hesitation to casting off the bounds of “it’s always been done this way”, which paves the way for fully embracing every new application, technology, and operations paradigm.

Further, with today’s diverse workforce, communications solutions must conform to the needs of individuals and organisations, not the other way around. Whether desk workers, on-premises mobile workers, teleworkers, or fully-mobile workers, users demand the same feature-rich communications experience they have in the office, no matter where they are or what device they are using. So, what’s the best answer to the previous questions – why should you embrace mobility and changing paradigms of the workforce?
Because it’s already happening all around us.

Obstacles into Opportunities

No two enterprises are the same, even those that operate within the same markets. It follows then there must be a certain leeway in expectations and collaboration – some change in our expected end result for a given project or venture is almost inevitable, and very few things work out exactly as we had hoped or expected. That’s perfectly alright. We are all different, and we – people, that is – are the core building blocks to any and every business. To gain a sense of how your company is going to ride the changes in an increasingly mobile workforce, you should look to the people in charge. Not everyone is aligned with the rapid change that is part-and-parcel of doing business these days.

As we’ve discussed in previous articles, this is largely the reason we’ve seen such a varied response to the meteoric rise of UC technologies – some for the greater, some for the unfortunate worst. The persons in front of the company need to be able to face these changes and advancements head on, be able to take in the new information and make the operational changes needed to adapt and thrive. Remember, fighting and railing against the inevitable rarely has a positive outcome, in the short or the long term.

A Good Example

It’s time for some practical relevance in a larger context.
We’re going to have a look at one of the top new mobile technologies of the year – one of the many that’s raising eyebrows and making people take notice.
To paraphrase a Gartner article: moving beyond the limitations – a pretty amusing conventional term for something as dynamic as the subject – of smart devices, we will soon be seeing a wave of smart, mobility-enhanced objects. What does this mean? That a host of objects, from household items like light bulbs, domestic appliances and necessities, to sports items and medical devices will soon be interconnected and controllable by your smartphone or tablets. This advent allows for a host of dynamic functionality, allowing you to quantify consumable patterns, analyse information, and extend mobile control over many more facets of your daily life.

The Takeaway
In essence, and especially in contrast with the previous example, we see a pattern emerging. And it points irrevocably to the need for your company to be able to adjust and transform into the evolution of technology. Smart business embraces the tenets of evolution: transformation and strategy. The trends are blatant and the intelligent executive is well-prepared at the helm of the ship to embrace the waves in a world of technology that is continually changing how business is done.


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