Three ways UC can be profitable immediately

If there is one thing that can be said to be at the very heart of business operations, that thing would Communication. Historically, and up to present day, business and human ventures have moved forward in direct correlation with the speed and scope of our ability to communicate with one another. The progress of history – in this context – can be seen to leap forward with the advent of every new technology that advances this ability, from the telegraph to the internet, we find this holds true. Now, we live in a time where the speed of exchange would have been literally incomprehensible to previous eras.

To bring this into relevance, consider just how your situation would fair if your business’ communications went down for one day. Gives you goosebumps, doesn’t it?

As we know, the transition from traditional communications – in modern times – has gone from huge floors of hardware, miles of phone lines, massive call centers, and so on, to the amazing new technologies that are almost entirely virtual – epitomized by UCaaS.

Cloud and UC services have come to such prominence for many reasons, three of which we’ll touch upon now:

  1. Mobility
    a. Mobility is an exceptionally dynamic feature that brings a spectrum of flexible solutions to your enterprise. And not only for employee-level personnel, but for management and right up to executives. UCaaS services allow your company to utilize many new advances, such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), and lets you integrate them directly into your daily operations. This widespread compatibility eliminates the need for extensive costs for supply, office needs, and more. Your business is no longer placed in the position of needing to rollout an entire suite of new phone lines and servers for every expansion or relocation.
  2. Lower Operational Costs
    a. This represents an advantage to any business. The elimination of long-distance costs, excessive wait times for callers, and inelegant call trees that come with standard telephony services renders an immediate reduction in costs for your business. The digital networks UC technology offers instantly evaporates those issues, which allows you to not only lower costs immediately, but frees up your budget in ways that allow you to put funding forward to aspects of your enterprise that were previously suffering.
  3. Employee Productivity
    a. When your business relies upon external services, so many things can go sideways that are completely out of your control. You essentially have to utilize the systems that are handed to you, despite their many drawbacks. Your employees bear the brunt of this issue – as do your customers. When you can design your communications to tailor your customer’s needs, your employees will thank you. UC offers a host of functional systems that not only make your employee’s lives easier, but ensures you won’t be losing customers over endless wait times, useless call trees, bulky wait lines, and dead-end hangups. Calls are far harder to miss when there is a UC system in place and is synced to ring their desk, then office phone, then finally their personal cell phones. Efficiency and morale-boosting is what UC offers your workers.

There are so many points that give evidence to UCaaS superiority. What we can see clearly are the illustrative points in the contrast between the past and present, and how those businesses that have not yet made their transition can benefit – greatly and immediately – by doing so.



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